IronRuby Follows IronPython


Great news for dynamic language enthusiasts: Microsoft will implement Ruby on top of .NET. It will be called IronRuby and it will use the new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR), a great platform for authoring and hosting dynamic languages. You can see a demo here showing interoperation between Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and Visual Basic. The demo uses Silverlight, a browser plug-in for rich interactive web applications, as DLR host. Silverlight will run on all major browsers on both Mac OS X and Windows. Unfortunately this excludes all Linux browsers, but it seems that the Mono people are interested in implementing Silverlight for Linux. The best thing, however, is that Microsoft makes the source code of the DLR, IronPython, and IronRuby available as open source under the Microsoft Permissive License (a BSD-style license).

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