RowTest Extension 1.2.0


I released a new version of the RowTest Extension. I made following changes:

  • Added build for .NET Framework 1.1.
  • Assemblies are now strongly named.
  • Added ExceptionMessage property to RowAttribute. It can be used to specify the message of an expected exception.
  • Added TestName property to RowAttribute. It is used to provide a custom name of the test. If TestName is null or empty the method name will be used.
  • Fixed Bug: TestFixtureSetUp and TestFixtureTearDown are not called on the RowTest test suite (thanks to Wayne Brantley for reporting the bug and special thanks to Jamie Cansdale for providing a fix
  • Fixed Bug: When a TestFixture contains both RowTests and normal unit tests the row tests are not alphabetically ordered.

You can download it from here.