Blog Reorganisation


BlogI migrated my blogs back to WordPress. I started blogging with self-hosted WordPress blogs about 8 years ago. Some years ago I began using Disqus for comments and switched one blog to Octopress. I migrated both blogs to Pelican one year ago. Now I’m back at WordPress. While I was migrating the blogs I decided to merge my two blogs (English blog) and (German blog) to one blog at and redirected the URLs from my old blogs to this one. I plan to write here in English. Maybe I’ll write something in German here every now and then.

Why did I switch to WordPress again? Jeff Atwood said, a blog without comments is not a blog and not having a decent comments system was one of the biggest disadvantages when I used a static site generator. I didn’t want to save the comments on another system operated by a commercial company like Disqus.

I found a way to write my posts in Markdown on WordPress. Not being able to write in Markdown was the biggest issue I had with WordPress and the number one reason why I migrated my blog away from WordPress.

I wanted to improve the themes of my old blogs, but I didn’t have enough time to work on them. I guess it’s easier to use one of the available WordPress themes instead of creating my own theme.

But there are also some downsides: first I need to run server software which needs more server performance than a static site. There are solutions which can improve the situation.

Second I still don’t like the editor. There are blog editors out there. Maybe I’ll try out some of them.

Of course, I had a look at Ghost, but it wasn’t as mature as WordPress. It didn’t have a comment system, too. It looked very nice and promising, though.