12 Interesting Podcasts for Software Developers


Headset lying on a laptop computerAbout 2 months ago I started to listen to podcasts again. They are a convenient way to stay up to date on different topics on my way to and from work.

Although I’m a C# developer by day, I like to listen to podcasts about other programming languages and technologies, too. Here are my favourite software development podcasts:

  • Software Engineering Radio: I highly recommend this podcast to every software developer. The shows are about every aspect of software development and the guests are first-class. New episodes appear every two to four weeks.
  • Donau Tech Radio (in German, actually Upper Austrian dialect): An Austrian podcast by Thomas Einwaller and André Steingreß. They talk about gadgets, software development, and programming. New shows appear usually every one to two weeks. You have to understand German or, actually, the Upper Austrian dialect to follow the show.
  • Herding Code: Hosted by K. Scott Allen, Kevin Dente, Scott Koon, and Jon Galloway. This show started as a .NET development podcast, but the episodes were about different technologies recently. The episodes don’t appear on a regular schedule.
  • JavaScript Jabber: A very interesting show for JavaScript developers. Every week there is a new episode about JavaScript programming.
  • The Web Platform Podcast: A podcast about web technologies. Every week there is a new episode about topics like Flux, React, Polymer, Dart, WebRTC etc.
  • Functional Geekery: Hosted by Steven Proctor, a highly recommended podcast about functional programming. New episodes appear about every month.
  • Mostly Erlang: As the name suggests this show covers Erlang, but sometimes it’s about other functional programming languages, too. There are about 2 episodes every month.
  • The Cognicast: In this Clojure-oriented show Craig Andera talks with developers from different Lisp communities like Clojure, Scheme, or Racket. He publishes about 1-2 episodes every month.
  • The Type Theory Podcast: Static type enthusiasts must like this new podcast. It is a podcast about type theory and its interactions with programming, mathematics and philosophy.
  • The Scalawags: A podcast for Scala developers with very detailed show notes. About 1-2 episodes appear every month.
  • .NET Rocks!: Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell do a very amazing show. The first show appeared on August 30, 2002 and they are already at episode #1042! As the name suggests the main topic is .NET development, but there are often other topics, too. Usually three (!) new episodes appear every week.
  • Hanselminutes: Scott Hanselman hosts a show for developers about a broad range of topics. Every week he publishes a new episode.

Did I miss a great podcast? Leave a comment and tell me which software development podcast I should listen to!

Do you listen to podcasts, too? Use the comment form below and let us see your list of software development podcasts!