Why you should join F# Vienna


fsharp-vienna-400Are you interested in F#, the functional-first open source programming language for .NET and Mono? Do you live in Vienna? Why haven’t you joined F# Vienna at Meetup yet?

Why should you join F# Vienna? Well, there are some reasons:

  1. Connect with other developers who are interested in F#! Get to know each other! Drink beer together! Talk about F#!
  2. Present your projects! You did something interesting in F#? Or did you learn something interesting? Present your project or teach us at one of our meetups!
  3. Learn from other developers! You don’t know F# yet? Well, profit from the experience and knowledge of more advanced developers and listen to one of the talks at our meetups!
  4. Help promote F#! You are excited about F#? Bring your colleagues to one of our meetups so that they can see the advantages!
  5. Get hired to work on F#! My hope is that companies will see that there are developers who are interested in F# and start more F# projects in Vienna. Knowing other programming languages can be an advantage for your job search as well.

What’s coming up next for F# Vienna?

The meetup group is set up and you are able to join. What can you expect for the next few weeks?

Meeting in May

There will be a meetup on May 15th. It’s a Friday and Andrea Magnorsky will join us to facilitate a Coding Dojo where you can practice F# on a small coding problem.

Meeting in June

The second meetup will be in June. The date hasn’t been fixed yet. Join F# Vienna at Meetup and get updates on our meetups.