About Me


Hello, my name is Andreas Schlapsi and I work and live in Vienna, Austria.

I’m currently employed as a Senior Software Developer at yelster digital gmbh. The technology stack I currently work with contains Python, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, Linux, Docker, Django REST Framework, WordPress, PHP etc.

Before that I worked with C#, ASP.NET MVC, EventStore, JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery etc.

I have been programming since I was 14 years old, back then in Commodore Basic and Assembler. I learned Turbo Pascal, C and a little bit Java later. I have been a software developer since 1997, at the beginning in C++ and Visual Basic, later in C#. Additionally I learned Python and JavaScript.

This is my first blog. I write mostly about software development, especially about the topics Web Development with Python, node.js, JavaScript, PHP, and .NET and about functional programming.